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Work Principle of ICafeMenu

Game Update Solutions and Internet Cafe Game Menu.

Game Update Solutions
and Internet Cafe Game Menu.

For Internet cafe, there is always unending work for updating game patches, downloading new games and doing other tedious work.

However, with Youngzsoft ICafe Menu “Game Update Solutions and Game Menu”, there are no more troubles like these. No need to wait for updating game patches. No need to update games manually. No need to worry about virus attacks.

The Relationship among the IDC Server, Internet Cafe Server and Game Updater

Our iCafeMenu uses P2P (Peer to Peer/BitTorrent) technology. In P2P, there are tracker, peer and seed. We have Youngzsoft IDC Server as the tracker server. Each Internet cafe server which is installed with iCafeMenu server is the peer. Peers could transfer data between each other. And the game updater is the seed. The relationships among them are as follows.

  1. Each time after the peer started, it will submit the installed games information to the tracker server.
  2. When peer A needs to download games, it will connect to the tracker server first, and then the tracker server will tell peer A which peer(s) has(have) installed these games.
  3. Peer A connects to the peer which has installed the games, and then download these games from that peer.
  4. If a peer has downloaded games, it would auto become a seed that could let other peers to download games it has installed.
  5. We have super seeds which act as game updaters to be responsible for local game updates. We will give the super seeds an administrator account to update games. When they finished game updates, they will submit the update information to the tracker server. So super seeds are the original sources for game updates.

Internet Cafe

Cafes' server that is installed with the iCafeMenu game update server, and the client PC's are installed with the iCafeMenu client. The iCafeMenu server and iCafeMenu client are equipped with many features. The "Game Save" function can help users to save their game progresses, and allow users to continue playing the game when they log in with their accounts next time.

Youngzsoft professional technical supporters and engineers are responsible for adding or updating your games by using the powerful iCafeMenu Editor, iCafeMenu Internet Cafe Game Menu and IDC. No need to update games manually. No need to waste time just to update or patch the games. No need to worry about virus attacks. Enjoy your holiday, and keep yourself away from the traditional and stressful repetitive tasks.