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1. Preparation, Registration and Installation      2. Add Games      3. Client Interface Introduction      4. Work with CCBoot     5. Game Save

Preparation, Registration and Installation


Login and Register iCafeMenu Server

Login iCafeMenu Server

Launch iCafeMenu server. It will pop up the iCafemenu server main interface and "License" dialog box. If you have registered a license already, in the "License" dialog box, please enter the license and password into their corresponding edit boxes, and then click the "OK" button (Figure 2-1).

Figure 2-1

Register iCafeMenu Server

If you haven't got a license, please click the "Register" button in Figure 2-1 to get a license.

iCafeMenu Server Options

On the main interface of iCafemenu server, click the "Options" button. In the pop up "Options" dialog box,the default game drive is "D:", click the "Default Game Drive" combo box, select a hard disk in the drop list as your game disk. Keep other settings as default, and click the "OK" button (Figure 3-1).

Figure 3-1

iCafeMenu Client

iCafeMenu Client is included in the same installation package of iCafeMenu Server now, it will be installed to default game disk automatically after you download and install iCafeMenu Server successfully, you can find iCafeMenu Client folder "iCafeMenu" in the default game disk of iCafeMenu Server.

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