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Auto Game Update Solutions and Internet Cafe Game Menu

What's ICafe Menu?

iCafeMenu Server and Client

Internet cafe server is installed with the iCafeMenu game update server, and the client PC's are installed with the iCafeMenu client. Games are synchronized on the server and client. The iCafeMenu server and client are equipped with many features. "Game Save" function can help users to save their game progresses, and allow users to continue playing the game when they log in with their accounts next time.

How to Use iCafeMenu

Save More Time!

Enjoy Your Holiday and Break Time. Keep Yourself away from the Traditional and Stressful Repetitive Tasks.
Game Update Solutions and Internet Cafe Game Menu

Game Update Solutions and Internet Cafe Game Menu

Have you tired of updating game patches, downloading new games and doing other tedious work every day in your Internet cafe?

With Youngzsoft ICafe Menu “Game Update Solutions and Game Menu”, you can totally save yourself from doing these repetitive work. With iCafe Menu, there is no need to wait for updating game patches, no need to update games manually, and no need to worry about the viruses etc.

For that extra time you've saved, you can use it to do whatever you want. Have a holiday with your families or friends. Enjoy the wonderful break time. And keep yourself away from the traditional and stressful repetitive tasks.

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